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- ♥ SEX & LOVE! ♥ -

Vieta, kur var iepazīties gan nopietnam attiecībām, gan tikai seksam! Sarunas par seksu, attiecībām un mīlestību! ♥ Discussions about sex, relationships and love! ♥

Allgemeine Unternehmen in Lettland

Wer will ein Unternehmen in Lettland gründen, hat eins, will sich informieren/austauschen oder hat Tipps oder Erfahrung oder... Auf der neuen Domain gibts ein Forum und die Newsletterverwaltung.

angļu klubiņa clari

Am I going? Or am I coming back? If I am going Then why are the grasslands and farmlands The passes that I went through The many rivers that I crossed Why are they all wearing the same face? If I am coming back Then why are the trees and mountains All the roads that I travelled All the forests that I traversed Why are they now wearing sloppy faces? Going or coming back: Going is moving forward Movement bringing change. Coming back is moving backwards Movement bringing memories. Going and coming back Coming back and going When all this has lost purpose Then what will be the point in travelling? What will be there when you return? Chirikure Chirikure some activities:

Erasmus students in Riga

Erasmus students in Riga

Life in UK

All about life & jobs in UK


Initially I was shocked at their weird request but they said that their wife swapping parties are very secret and that no one opens their mouth about it and that i would be safe if i joined their gang. They met once a month at a secret location. Everyone was invited through SMS which just give the date, time and location. So far 6 couples are part of this wife swapping game and they were looking to expand. But were willing to let only reliable people enter the group. I don't know what made me say yes to Inese and John. I agreed to meet them at the next party. I reached the place, it was a Nice House and many other singles in London. Initially we started talking all of us. There was also alcohol provided to make us relax. Then each couple was asked to drop their car keys in a bowl. Whoever got the key had to have sex with that man or woman. You can choose to have sex inside rooms or in front of everyone else. After the keys were selected, I watched in excitement as they started getting physical relations with each other's ,husbands, partners, other singles and wives. Swingers, like polyester leisure suits, seemed to have their heyday in the '70s. But couples who openly swap partners for a night of passionate sex with strangers, are becoming a growing trend in a sort of new sexual relationship revolution -- and those who swing say the rest of us monogamists are missing out. "Nightline" went inside the top secret world of swingers -- as guests, not participants -- to a highly provocative masquerade party at a hotel in LONDON City hosted by a group called Behind Closed Doors. Forget the notion that swingers parties are full of middle-aged folks who are bored stiff by years of marriage. Behind Closed Doors selects its members based on attractiveness and age. The younger the better, and not everyone makes the cut. The couples said they don't find anything wrong with monogamy, but they were looking for something more exciting and raw. "People that are of a certain degree of attractiveness are probably looking to interact and swap partners with other people that are a certain degree of attractiveness so they are a good-looking person,"

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Vācu Contact Latvijā un vēl .......

Tāpat kā visās jomās, ir kontakti viss .... šeit ir izveidot tīklu, kur mums palīdzēt, bet arī saņemt palīdzību. Mēs no Vācijas pusē un jūsu Latvijā. Valsts iestādēm, Kas man ir nepieciešams zināt, ja es gribu uz Latviju, kā es atrast darbu? Visi jautājumi, kas ir ļoti svarīgi, it īpaši sākumā ...... Wie in allen Bereichen sind Kontakte alles....hier soll ein Netzwerk entstehen wo wir helfen aber auch hilfe bekommen. Wir von der deutschen Seite und Ihr in Lettland. Ämter, Behörden, Was muss ich wissen wenn ich nach Lettland will, wie finde ich eine Arbeit? All die Fragen die gerade am Anfang sehr wichtig sind......

Business contacts and more ....

No matter which product you want to offer to the international market. You need contacts for where the customer know that it gives you and your product and what you offer? This is exactly where we come in, because we have before we ever thought of our product - collected the customers. So we can now send Worldwide matter which product to the right customer issues. The system is behind what is called referral marketing, we recommend your product via online platforms via email via network marketing work and receive points that we can redeem for free others in the group for your services. So we build network of recommendations and we thus have 300% and more sales.

Network and Multi level Marketing

Hello and welcome to our group that deal with distribution in all its facets. The focus of course is the distribution and as such it defines the essential concepts presented and explained as well as guidance, strategies and concepts relating to the sale, distribution suitable for the beginner to the sales professional.

Tagad eiro ir arī Latvijā ...

Now the euro is also in Latvia ... but how do we handle it? What should I consider as an entrepreneur if I want to survive in the European market? I am happy to answer questions on the subject .... Write me but easy to.


Par Kuldīga. About Kuldiga. Über Kuldiga

Rigas Foodies

if you live for eating - we have lots to talk about! Friendly group from food lovers, blogers, chefs etc. from all over the world!

Uk relationship and love

Hi I am 34 years old guy living in London. I am working in a multinational company. I am looking a girl friend for serious relationship. A soulmate who can live with me in London. Please serious girls can contact with me. This chat room is for love and relationship.