Terms of use

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) of the portal Draugiem.lv (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) are binding for all those who use the Portal, regardless of whether the person is a registered user of the Portal or not.

1. The Portal is maintained and administered by SIA Draugiem, reg. No. 40003737497 (hereinafter referred to as Draugiem.lv).
2. The Portal is a portal of different kind activities and intercommunication intended for a wide public range. The Portal is available both on the web site www.frype.com, as well as in mobile applications (such as smart phones, tablets, etc.).
3. Before the use of the Portal, a user is obliged to get acquainted with the Terms, and to comply with them. Draugiem.lv has the right at any time to amend and supplement the Terms. Such changes shall be effective upon publication on the Portal.
4. If the user uses the Portal or carry out any activity on the Portal, it is considered that the relevant user has got acquainted with the Terms existing at the moment of using and adhere to them. Each Portal user is responsible for reading over the Terms regularly to be timely informed of amendments made there. If the user does not agree to the Terms, then the user is prohibited to use the Portal.
5. Registered users are entitled to use the options, services offered by the Portal, including paid services (subject to the terms of a Distance contract) at a price which is in force at the time of the service offering. Draugiem.lv has the right at any time change the prices specified on the Portal and / or create new paid services.
6. To become a registered user of the Portal, a person must comply with the registration procedures of the Portal.
7. Each registered portal user has to take into account that the user data specified in a profile (name, etc. information) must be true. Each registered user of the Portal may have only one user profile. One profile should not contain more than one person. A registered user and clearly seen face must be in the photo inserted in the profile. A registered user profile may contain only data of the user. The Portal has banned the so-called "False" profiling, i.e. profiling, which includes the Portal user information not on himself but on other (including unrealistic) person or animal, object, etc.
8. Each registered Portal user is obliged not to disclose his Portal access data. If on the Portal, operations are carried out with the registered user's profile (including purchase of goods and / or services) using the correct username and password, then it is considered that the activities in the relevant profile have been made by the registered user himself.
9. On the Portal, commercial activities are prohibited, except areas (sections) designed for it and in accordance with the provisions of relevant sections or by written consent of Draugiem.lv.
10. The Portal administration has the right, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, delete registered user profiles and / or information, video, images, audio material, etc. information contained therein, as well as to limit or deny the access to the Portal, temporarily or indefinitely (including from certain IP addresses), without explaining the reasons.
11. A Portal user is fully responsible for any information which is placed in the portal or sent by him to other users of the Portal (including, but not limited to his profile information, photos, e-mail, videos, music), as well as take full responsibility for consequences arising from the insertion of such information or sending it. The user has the right to post, upload, etc. on the Portal only the content for which the user has full and unrestricted rights.
12. On the Portal, it is forbidden to carry out and submit or send to other users of the Portal the information (including photos, video and audio materials) that:
12.1. infringes or violates the third parties` intellectual property (copyrights, etc.) rights;
12.2. infringes personal dignity and respect;
12.3 incite violence, racial hatred or other illegal activities or inaction;
12.4 is aimed at causing hatred or enmity because of a person’s national, ethnic, racial or religious affiliation, as well as gender, age, disability or any other characteristics;
12.5 is vulgar, libellous or in any other manner offensive;
12.6. contains software viruses or designed to harm the computer or electronic communications software operation (security);
12.7. is uncoordinated advertising, chain letters, spam, etc.;
12.8. is of pornographic or excessively erotic nature or where video chat is advertised or work in video chat is offered;
12.9. is information of any other kind that affects or could affect the operation and safety of the Portal;
12.10. advertises financial services for which are not licensed according to the procedure of laws and regulations for providing financial services in the Republic of Latvia;
12.11. advertises or promotes illegal race, income pyramid schemes, methods based on vendor recruitment;
12.12. violates laws and regulations, is false, discriminating or harmful information.
13. A user assigns to Draugiem.lv and Portal users a non-exclusive, worldwide, continuous, irrevocable, free of charge, and transferable to third parties license and the right to dispose of (including, but not limited to publish, republish, post, play, transfer, delete, etc.) the Portal published information, content, etc. related to copyright, related rights, trade marks, patents, data and data transfer, and any other intellectual property-related rights or obligations that are or will be hosted by the Portal and related sites, portals, websites, the media, as well as waves claims and / or demands against Draugiem.lv and persons who lawfully use the Portal and its associated resources.
14. A user and any other person is prohibited to add the button "Recommend" (or similar) in the resources outside the Portal, the content of which does not comply with the Terms or regulatory requirements or legal rights of third parties. If in the resource located outside of the Portal, the button "Recommend" (or similar) is placed, then the resource owner, possessor, holder, and any person associated with the resource allocates to users of Draugiem.lv and the Portal a license pursuant to Clause 13 of the Terms (including but not limited to place the content, information etc. of the resource on the Portal).
15. Draugiem.lv is not responsible for the information placed on the Portal and mutually sent by the Portal users, and the consequences that have arisen or may arise from the insertion or sending this information. Draugiem.lv is not also responsible for the accessibility of the Portal, Portal users intercommunication, any technical problems in operation of the Portal, Profile user`s profile changes and actions due to authorized or unauthorized access of other person. The whole Portal operation (including the available services) is offered such as it is, without any additional guarantees from Draugiem.lv. Besides, Draugiem.lv is not responsible for any loss arisen or which may arise to the Portal users in connection with the Portal and usage of its services available on it.
16. On the Portal, charged and / or free games are available. These games are provided by third parties, but Draugiem.lv is entitled to do so as well. A game maintainer has the right to terminate the offering of games by at least two (2) weeks prior notification. If the game is no longer maintained, then users will not be compensated the money spent on the game (such as games payments for various additional functions).
17. A Portal user is obliged to do everything necessary to ensure the protection of legal interests of Draugiem.lv, including compensation for damage against all third parties` claims or complaints that have been brought or could be brought against Draugiem.lv and which are in any way connected with the Portal, if such claim or complaints are brought due to the user's own acts or omissions.
18. If the access to the Portal is denied or limited for a user or the user profile or account information is removed, then no losses and payments made in connection with the procedures used in the Portal fee-based services (such as profile view statistics, ordering gifts, etc.) shall be compensated.
19. A Portal user agrees to receive information from Draugiem.lv for events of different type related to the Portal.
20. All intellectual property rights related to the Portal belong exclusively to Draugiem.lv. In case of the violation of these rights the offender is called to account according to laws and regulations, and is fully responsible for any damage caused or may be caused to Draugiem.lv and third parties.
21. All disputes between Draugiem.lv and Portal users shall be resolved through negotiations. If the solution of disputes can not be achieved, then they shall be settled in a court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Terms and laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. To the extent any translated version of the Terms conflicts with the Latvian version, the Latvian version shall prevail.

Privacy Statement

1. All of the portal users' personal data and personal identification codes are protected under laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
2. When registering on the Portal and / or using the Portal, a user expresses agreement that Draugiem.lv carries out processing of the relevant user's personal data and personal identification code according to the Personal Data Protection Law.
3. Users' personal data and personal identification code processing manager is SIA Draugiem, reg. No. 40003737497, domicile: Ziedleju street 1, Mārupe, Mārupes Rural Municipality, LV-2167.
4. The purpose of the processing of the users' personal data and personal identification code is providing users` intercommunication services, release of users` different content, (eg, text, image), offering services for users (such as games, chat, profiles, business pages, etc.).
5. A registered user is aware and agrees that the specified user profile information (such as name, address, profile image, etc..) and profile content (such as published and suggested pictures, activities, friends, etc.) is publicly available to all other registered users of the Portal, as well as to a limited extent - to third parties (subject to the user-defined opportunity of the relevant user to choose the restriction of access of certain data and content), and that this public data processing does not depend on Draugiem.lv. The user's own loaded content and other users published content that is tagged by the user as a "Tell a friend", "I like" or similar, is stored in the registered user profile.
6. Registered portal users shall be entitled to choose their own profile privacy level and can respectively adjust thereof in the Portal (in user profile under "Personal Settings"). Registered portal users are entitled to add, edit or delete their profile specified data, content and information, as well as to delete the entire profile. In the event when a registered user profile is being deleted, a part of the respective user information published is not deleted, because it is not tied to the user profile (e.g. posts published in (friends interest) groups and other profiles, sent letters, comments and blogs in other websites where the user at the time of publication was using Draugiem.lv authorisation option, etc.). After the profile, data and / or information deletion from the user profile it will no longer be immediately visible to other users, but the aforementioned profile, data and /or information may be stored in Draugiem.lv databases up to 90 days from the moment of such deletion.
7. The portal offers a search option, for example, registered users, businesses, events, etc., on the basis of the specified profile information. Registered users can view the content being in other users’ profiles. For registered users, using the service "Statistics", it is possible to see which other users have visited his profile, galleries. Registered users can mark other registered users on the pictures and section "Talk".
8. The content that is published in the registered user's profile, can be viewed on both the computer as well as mobile applications (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.), so the content (such as a profile image, galleries, etc.) through options offered by the Portal, browser or devices can be stored on these devices. Therefore, the user is required to insert only that content, which can be accessed by other users of the Portal.
9. Draugiem.lv offers the possibility for other portals and mobile applications that are not related to Draugiem.lv to use on their web sites and mobile applications the opportunity to log in with a registered user Draugiem.lv authorization data in order it will be more comfortable and easier to get authorization for users. The registered user`s authorization data shall not be transferred to maintainers of third-parties` web sites and mobile applications, but the maintainers if these web sites and mobile applications can see the public information specified in the user profile.
10. If a registered user, by using the opportunity to log in Draugiem.lv, publishes content (eg, insert images, written comments or blogs) or carries out other activities (eg, participate in surveys, apply for events, recommend the content to others) on third-parties` web sites or mobile applications, then the user`s profile data (such as name, profile image) will be visible to persons who are not registered users of the Portal.
11. If a registered user follows third-parties` "Pages" (corporate, business, events, local government, etc.) on the Portal, then the message on following and information specified in the user profile information (such as name, profile image) can be displayed to other registered users, and also on internet sites of these third parties that are not related to the Portal.
12. A user is aware and agrees that third-parties` ads can be placed on the Portal, including an interactive way (such as applications, games, etc.). Draugiem.lv shall never deliver to advertisers information about Portal users and their personal data, but advertisers may have the right to define the advertising audience (eg, gender, age, etc.).
13. Draugiem.lv receives and stores information from the user's web browser (including IP address, cookies) and about devices (such as a device model, an operating system, parameters, a network operator, etc.).
14. Draugiem.lv has the right to collect and publish information about the user set, without identifying any specific users and disclosing their personal data (such as research, data analysis, information on advertising returns, etc.).
15. When registering on the Portal and / or using the Portal, the user confirms that it is aware and agrees that Draugiem.lv has the right to transfer the user's personal data in the following cases:
  15.1. to other persons, if Draugiem.lv receives the user's consent;
  15.2. to other persons as necessary to pass the user's personal data in order to deliver products or provide services ordered by the user;
15.3. to law enforcement agencies, if Draugiem.lv receives a request according to the procedure specified in laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia;
  15.4. to law enforcement agencies, if Draugiem.lv determines that the relevant user's action violates these Terms and / or laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as a result of what interests of the Portal users or other persons are or may be affected.