Be yourself'm nine years I play Classic rock about everything what is possible.
Here ic've already composes some good song s.

My name is Jens Barth born 10 May 1972 in Wuppertal, Germany. Here I have made ​​a training as a construction engineer after 10 years of school, then a degree in engineering graduate master and finally a degree in Master of Business Administration (BA) Currently I have a job as a local manager or (GM) General Manager of Senn AG in Oftringen CH. I am last year came in September from Saudi Arabia back to where I have built up a production company two years in steel and stainless. Task it was to achieve an annual tonnage of 10 000 tonnes and that work to put on the site Jeddah a stable market position. After 2 successful years and a workforce of 500 I was able to work in 2013 handed over to my successor.

That was a small part of my life s ..........


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