All girl pop-rock band Black Daisy hail from Dublin, Ireland. LA Halvey (short for Lesley-Ann) from Limerick is singer and bassist, Nicki Billings, from Wicklow is on guitar, while Asta Mileriene, originally from Alytus, Lithuania is the drummer. Asta started playing drums in a band called AIRIJA (Ireland in Lithuanian). In 2001 she moved to Ireland and continued her music career with NOJUS, a Lithuanian band based in Dublin.

Black Daisy are a fun loving upbeat band, with influences ranging from 80s music to pop/chart music and of course good old Rock'n'Roll! The girls write their own songs and gig regularly in venues to audiences everywhere.

Black Daisy are Ireland’s only high profile all girl rock band, and intend to continue to play their infectiously catchy music all around the world....starting with Moscow!! The girls are delighted to team up with singer Sinead Mulvey to represent Ireland with the extremely upbeat catchy song Et Cetera, and promise to make Ireland proud in this year's Europe's favorite TV-show!

Airijos merginu roko grupe "Black Daisy" susikure pries 5 metus. Nuo to laiko stipriai pasikeite merginu muzikos stilius bei pacios nares.
Dabar is tuometiniu merginu liko tik boso gitariste, pagrindinis vokalas- Lesley-Ann.
2006-2007 metais grupe buvo ant isirimo ribos nes tuometine bugnininke paliko grupe. Taciau Lesley-Ann neprarado vilties ir praleido begale valandu ieskodama merginos bugnininkes. Kaip pasirodo ne veltui... nuo 2007 birzelio menesio prie grupes prisijungia bugnininke Asta Mileriene. Kiek anksciau i grupe buvo pakviesta gitariste Nicky.
Siuo metu grupes sudeti yra:

Asta Mileriene- bugnai,
Nicole Billings- ritmine gitara,
Lesley-Ann Halvey- boso gitara bei vokalas.

"Black Daisy" yra vienintele aktyviai koncertuojanti merginu roko grupe Airijoje.
Keep on rocking!!!


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