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SUNDAY EP @ "Crossworld Academy" [CWA023], Mar 14, 2011.
BEYOND EP @ "White2black", Jun 13, 2011.
Unreleased Remixes:
Sasha - Cut Me Down (Dudgun remix)
Kaskade & Adam K feat. Sunsun - Raining (Dudgun remix)
SEL - Sel600 (D.Dzouns remix)
CarLow - Night Bells (D.Dzouns remix)
Upcoming releases:
DEJA-Vu EP @ "4Roggie"

Donatas Dzouns aka Dudgun, DJ/Producer.

Music became my friend since I was four, when my father made an childish electric guitar to me. I used to play with that guitar until somebody took it from me. As I grew older, the technique has developed, so I could not spend a day without a tape recorder playing Vilčinskas songs (even now I remember all the lyrics of his songs).
My addiction to music was noticed by my parents. When I was the fourth former, I entered Kuršėnai Art and Music School. Those seven years spent there was not a waste of time. I have learned to sing (I sang in a jazz ensemble ‘Da Capo’), I have learned to play the guitar and drums. In addition to this, I have filled my head with theoretical knowledge and, at last, got the diploma of the accordionist.

After graduation from Laurynas Ivinskis Gymnasium, I have tried to become a student. Therefore, I entered Šiauliai University as a student of Music Pedagogy, but later, I entered Kaunas University of Technology and became a student of Music Technologies.

How I became DJ Dzouns? I have started calling myself like this since I was in the eleventh form. I used this nick name when I participated in the DJ battle, which was held in The House of Culture, where I took the 2nd place. This prize was a great encouragement.
I continued to accumulate my knowledge about clubbing and the culture of dance floors in Šiauliai. After a successful performance in a private party, I received a suggestion to play in the night club MAX.

Then, I went down with an incurable disease, which did not stop progressing and is getting even more complicated. I am not sure, whether it is infectious, but without doubt, I am spreading this virus around. For the time being, my DJ mixes are becoming more and more popular and successfully spread around. I have received recognition from my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other fans of my works. By now, I have not put myself into the frames of one particular style.

I had an opportunity to play with the performers such as Donatello, Kastis Torrau, Jovani, RyRalio DJs (Lauris Lee and Karalius), Filtered Tools (Weax and Donato), Soprano, Midi, Amenas and others.

For some time club MAX/Metro was my residence.. In addition to this, I tried to shake the walls of some night clubs such as EXIT summer residence, Helios, Men's Factory, Embassy, Posh, House of Music, Black Perl, SIN, FashionTV club, L Klubas, Siena, Amerika Pirtyje, Los Patrankos, Ekstaze, Rekt Spiegt, Muzikinis Angaras, Escape and others.
Listeners of the radio station ‘Kauno Fonas’ had a chance to listen to me as well.
In 2008/09 I amused the participants of the annual students’ festival ‘RAFES’ and the participants of ‘INFOshow’ in 2008/09/10/11.
In 2010 I became the member of Kaunas ‘Champagne choir’.
In 2011 resident of "Mojo Lounge" coctail bar/night club.


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