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Twitter @robertolofaro ? No, Aphorisms :-) Mon-Fri multi-lingual news links: @robertolofaro first, languages: write in English, French, Italian-...
  • business: scribblings: books:
  • Reading, writing, and acting as accidental tourist (i.e. travel for business, and carve my own 3-4 hours in each travel to act as a solitary tourist and mix with locals as a local) I am a member of just two clubs (but I entered and left many more): Mensa (since 1989), IEEE (since 1997, swinging between associate and member, to land now as a member in Benelux)
  • If I make fun of you, I *do* expect you to do the same of me :-) But sometimes I pre-empt people who seem to take themselves too seriously- and I move directly to self-criticizing humour :-) to lead the way ;-) If you have any questions, send me a message, but please: I do not coach or train consultants or intermediaries unless they pay for the knowledge transfer (see My rule-of-thumb is: anything done pro-bono goes online, so that others can benefit from it :)

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