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This duet composes and performs in post comedy style. Also - folk-pop-rock-contemporary-electro-...
Young Lithuanian composers Rita Maciliunaite and Ruta Vitkauskaite are also frequent performers of contemporary music. Rita - mezzo-soprano, Ruta – violin. Both composers are also keen on working with electronic stuff. In 2006 they finally decided to compose together. Ruta and Rita created a contemporary music duet named R&R electronics. They usually organise and performs their projects in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, festival “Vilniaus veidai”, Galery "Gaidys", Students Art Days, 2009. They also had a concert at Dartington International Summer School. In 2008 Aldeburgh Festival comissioned the duet to creat and perform an hour duration project - "Fly birdie, fly".
R&R Electronics projects:

"EY" - voice, live electonics
"Fly, birdie, fly" - voices, violin, live electronics, video
"Brief encounter" - voice, violin, electronics
R&R remixes Albertas Navickas "The Nun" - vioce, violin, electronics
"Dublemo" - 2 voices, violin, electronics, video

R&R Electronics recorded 2 CDs:

"R&R Electronics"
1. Plaukia sau laivelis
2. Nezinau
3. Romai
4. SUaugusi Seimos Moteris
5. Polimerai
6. EY
7. Malearoosha2
8. Lek gervie, ask for live performance

"Griebk uz sirdies" (dedicated for guys, who had broken their hearts)

1. Vienastygis
2. Cikago
3. rrrr-gi
4. Senis
5. Meiles nera
6. Ispler Dzervie
7. As toks mazas buvau
8. Post Scriptum


electronics, lyrics, vocal

electronics, lyrics, vocal

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